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Coast Spas have Cleaner/Clearer Water – Less Chemicals

Hi All,
For your reference I have the Coast Classic series Zenith running in my store, with another manufacturers spa.  All spas are tested daily (Following BISHTA guidelines), for which I keep a record.

What’s become apparent is how clear and polished the water is keeping within the Zenith compared to the American model. Also the Coast is using around half the amount of stabilized chlorine compared to the other spa. The Spas are similar in external size (actually more water volume in the coast due to height) same temperatures at 36 degrees, no bather load and I have disconnected ozone on all running tubs on show.

I put my findings down to the Coast Cyclonic pressurised filtration doing its job! I have to use Spa Sparkle liquid in the non-Coast Spa  to remove regular cloudy / hazy water, never used this product in my Coast spa. Its obvious that the water clarification is being taken care of by Coast Spas commercial grade cyclonic filtration system.

What a selling point! Must be at the top of the list against the rest of competition, as most of the worlds manufactures use exposed filtration.

Well done Coast!

2011 Readers Choice Award!

Coast Spas Cascade III (Phantom) spa wins the Pool & Spa News magazine “Readers Choice 2011 Award”.

Introducing the Omega

The newest addition to the Coast Spas family. This compact spa offers comfort and space for 4 adults but doesn’t take up a lot of room in your yard. It has a well designed lounge seat, 3 large bucket seats and a spacious foot well area. Whether you are empty nesters or a family of 4 this is the perfect spa for you.

World’s Best Built Spas

Today Coast Spas was privileged to be able to honor 29 long term employees for their continued loyalty. We thank them for their service to making the World’s Best Built Spas.

Coast Spas, Winner of Best New Spa Design in Las Vegas

November 8, 2010
By Ethan Johnson, News
From The Online Newsletter – November 2010
Las Vegas, NV USA
Don Elkington, founder of Coast Spas was at their booth when we stopped by.  Don is an iconoclast in the hot tub industry, having run Coast Spas for almost two decades – and always coming up with ground-breaking designs and features for his spas.  We were privileged to have both he, and Arvilla Schneider , show us many of their new spa models at the trade show.  Coast is the only portable hot tub that offers a ‘negative edge’ -like design.  Their new model with the water overflow and waterfall feature is truly a wonderful combination of technological innovation and beauty.  There is absolutely nothing on the market like these spas.  The strategically placed LED lighting both inside AND outside the spa synchronize to give an effect like a great Pink Floyd concert from the 1970′s!  Elkington reports that Coast never really has gone after the lower-end spa market.  All their models are real, true high-end tubs – from top to bottom.  Don’s forward-thinking vision for Coast has made these tubs popular in Canada, in ‘the states" (as he calls us) and more recently in Europe and parts of the Middle East.  A+ for best new spa design, overall high product quality, as well as having a stunning booth, with a spa light show that can’t be beat.

Coast Spas Unveils the Phantom!

During the 2010 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in Las Vegas, Coast Spas unveiled the newest entry into our Cascade Series, the Cascade Phantom! It certainly gathered a lot of interest and many people stopped by to look at it and ask about it. There were many photos taken during the show. A lot have been posted to our Flickr page, and more details to follow!

Introduction of the New Executive Sales Manager

In our continued commitment to provide the best in Customer Service, Coast Spas has created a new exciting Management position for our Customers.

Please welcome Sean Corscadden, Executive Sales Manager for Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc. Sean brings to the new position a wealth of experience from inside sales, logistics, new dealer development and Coast Spas customer base. In this new role, he is reporting directly to Don Elkington, the President & CEO. Sean has the sales organizational skills to assist you, our customer.

Sean has already assumed the new role and has begun contacting each of you to personally assist you with the challenges, opportunities, and demands that our unique business can create, his job is to make your relations with Coast Spas easier.

James Altilia, will lead the entire wholesale sales department (spas, parts and shipping) in the position of Wholesale Manager. The team of the Wholesale Coordinators will report directly to James and he will in-turn directly report to Sean. James will be contacting each of you to personally assist you with your wholesale needs at Coast Spas.

This change will continue to focus on streamlining and improving processes to coordinate that all outgoing shipment merge together for our valued customers.

Coast Spas International Model Series line-up hot tub models were tested to comply with the most current version of IEC, EN, AS/NZS and EMC standards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Langley, BC (October 4, 2010)

Ensuring a high level of product safety is a matter of shared concern for both Coast Spas as well as its dealer network base globally.

Following the successful completion of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) product evaluation projects completed in March 2010, Coast Spas is very pleased to announce that it’s International Model Series line-up hot tub models were tested to comply with the most current version of IEC, EN, AS/NZS and EMC standards.

Coast Spas has achieved full compliance for all of its 30 hot tub models with 121 product configurations offered both in the Northwind Hot Tubs and Coast Spas line of hot tubs to the following IEC and EMC requirements worldwide including the entire European Union countries:


•             230-240Vac, 50Hz, 16Amps, 3 Phase

•             230-240Vac, 50Hz, 32Amps, 1 Phase

To the following Directives(s):

•             2006/95/EC – Low Voltage Directive

•             2004/108/EC – EMC Directive

To the following standards(s):

•             IEC 60335-2-60:2002 (3rd edition) + A1:2004

•             IEC 60335-1:2001 (4th edition) + A1:2004

•             EN 60335-2-60:2003 (3rd edition) +A1:2005

•             EN 60335-1:2002 (3rd edition) + A1:2005

•             IEC CISPR 14-1 :2003

•             AS/NZS 60335-2-60:2006 +A1:2006

•             AS/NZS CISPR 14-1 :2003

Coast Spas use TUV and LabTest Certification, Inc. (International compliance) test reports to certify to CE compliances and Intertek (North American compliance) certification test reports to certify to CSA and UL compliances.

Coast Spas TUV Certificate is internationally recognized by IECEE CB scheme (Conformity Testing and Certification of Electromechanical Equipment and Components), which is a national certification in all other countries of the CB scheme. The TUV has a reputation of being strict in their interpretation of standards and this adds to the credibility of our product. This is why TUV carries more clout than other agencies and why some people put greater emphasis on seeing TUV on a product than just seeing CE.

The Intertek testing in North America conforms to strict UL 1563 for Spas, Equipment Assemblies and Associated Equipment and even more aggressive CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 218.1 for Spas, Hot Tubs and Associated Equipment.