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Coast Spas Wins THREE Best Buy Awards…

Out of hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of models the Manhattan, Cascade II and Cascade III (The Phantom) were all chosen as Best Buy Spas for 2011 by one of the leading Pool and Spa magazines in the world.  We would like to thank all of our valued dealerships, staff, suppliers and customers for all their continued support.  Without you we could have never achieved such recognition and we should all be proud of this great accomplishment.  THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

Benefits of Coast Spas patented Vanishing Edge Hot Tubs

1) The view… matter where the vanishing edge faces, the view is breathtaking.
Enjoy your backyard and garden; capture the view as it’s endless.
2) Tranquility….the gentle peace of water flowing over a 7 foot surface.
3) Water feature….the Cascade II is a standalone feature in any location to admire.
4) No water displacement….the ONLY hot tub in the world where water
displacement is eliminated. Whether 1 person or 8 are sitting in a Cascade hot
tub, the water level never changes
5) Cleanliness….because the vanishing edge is the skimmer you will never have a
scum line and no debris on the surface of the water…..super clean and always
ready when you want to enjoy.
6) Comfort….with the Cascade II chair lounge and its corner seat that can be used
as a lounge in both directions, allows comfort anywhere.
7) Exclusive….if you want a Spa like no other and no other neighbor or friend will
ever have….the Niagara is for you. Patented and exclusive….join the Cascade
Series club now.

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Coast Spas have Cleaner/Clearer Water – Less Chemicals

Hi All,
For your reference I have the Coast Classic series Zenith running in my store, with another manufacturers spa.  All spas are tested daily (Following BISHTA guidelines), for which I keep a record.

What’s become apparent is how clear and polished the water is keeping within the Zenith compared to the American model. Also the Coast is using around half the amount of stabilized chlorine compared to the other spa. The Spas are similar in external size (actually more water volume in the coast due to height) same temperatures at 36 degrees, no bather load and I have disconnected ozone on all running tubs on show.

I put my findings down to the Coast Cyclonic pressurised filtration doing its job! I have to use Spa Sparkle liquid in the non-Coast Spa  to remove regular cloudy / hazy water, never used this product in my Coast spa. Its obvious that the water clarification is being taken care of by Coast Spas commercial grade cyclonic filtration system.

What a selling point! Must be at the top of the list against the rest of competition, as most of the worlds manufactures use exposed filtration.

Well done Coast!

Coast Spas Cyclonic Filtration – Prevails Under Even the Worst Conditions.

I am an outdoor center & my running Niagara is underneath trees with NO gazebo & road dirt is horrid as I am on main road – less than 10′ from carriageway – the tree dirt is horrific, I have been hoovering out the dry Phantom & adjacent dry models daily – but I realized this is actually a negative I could turn positive.

I show customers the incredible amount of filterable waste falling into the dry spas either side of wet Niagara – they look bemused until I turn off power to Niagara & open up filter housing – the debris inside the canister is immense every day & chokes up at the top of the canister- leaves, insects, old granny’s beard – I open up my lock ring & filter housing & show the customers the amount of waste in the commercial canister & they are amazed!

Coupled with showing them first the amount of crud in the dry spas either side which DOESN’T grab their attention at all – but when I open up the Niagara’s filter WOW they are shocked & I have their attention regarding filterable waste’ & the benefit of our Commercial Cyclonic versus Exposed Filtration, proving no need for the circulation pumps & far less chemicals are needed to keep water sanitized & safe for their families, saves on their pocket as they will spend LESS with a Coast Spa!

The water clarity in the Niagara is phenomenal!!!

Coast Spa Dealer

Congratulations Don Elkington – Founder and CEO of Coast Spas is Elected to the Board of The International Hot Tub Association (IHTA).

2011 Readers Choice Award!

Coast Spas Cascade III (Phantom) spa wins the Pool & Spa News magazine “Readers Choice 2011 Award”.