Benefits of Coast Spas patented Vanishing Edge Hot Tubs

1) The view… matter where the vanishing edge faces, the view is breathtaking.
Enjoy your backyard and garden; capture the view as it’s endless.
2) Tranquility….the gentle peace of water flowing over a 7 foot surface.
3) Water feature….the Cascade II is a standalone feature in any location to admire.
4) No water displacement….the ONLY hot tub in the world where water
displacement is eliminated. Whether 1 person or 8 are sitting in a Cascade hot
tub, the water level never changes
5) Cleanliness….because the vanishing edge is the skimmer you will never have a
scum line and no debris on the surface of the water…..super clean and always
ready when you want to enjoy.
6) Comfort….with the Cascade II chair lounge and its corner seat that can be used
as a lounge in both directions, allows comfort anywhere.
7) Exclusive….if you want a Spa like no other and no other neighbor or friend will
ever have….the Niagara is for you. Patented and exclusive….join the Cascade
Series club now.

Visit to learn more today!

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