Coast Spas Cyclonic Filtration – Prevails Under Even the Worst Conditions.

I am an outdoor center & my running Niagara is underneath trees with NO gazebo & road dirt is horrid as I am on main road – less than 10′ from carriageway – the tree dirt is horrific, I have been hoovering out the dry Phantom & adjacent dry models daily – but I realized this is actually a negative I could turn positive.

I show customers the incredible amount of filterable waste falling into the dry spas either side of wet Niagara – they look bemused until I turn off power to Niagara & open up filter housing – the debris inside the canister is immense every day & chokes up at the top of the canister- leaves, insects, old granny’s beard – I open up my lock ring & filter housing & show the customers the amount of waste in the commercial canister & they are amazed!

Coupled with showing them first the amount of crud in the dry spas either side which DOESN’T grab their attention at all – but when I open up the Niagara’s filter WOW they are shocked & I have their attention regarding filterable waste’ & the benefit of our Commercial Cyclonic versus Exposed Filtration, proving no need for the circulation pumps & far less chemicals are needed to keep water sanitized & safe for their families, saves on their pocket as they will spend LESS with a Coast Spa!

The water clarity in the Niagara is phenomenal!!!

Coast Spa Dealer

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